by Pennsylvania Artist Murrie Gayman

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The Warmth of Wood,
the Charm of Hand-Craftsmanship

As the work progresses, we will e-mail you photos of the work in different stages. If you can come to beautiful Bucks County, Pa. we will be delighted to show you your mural being worked on. Our 250-year-old farmhouse, our studios, and the Washington's Headquarters that we are helping to restore across the road make it a worthwhile trip.

When the work is completed, we will send you another photo and arrange an installation date. You can help us install it, if you enjoy putting together huge jig-saw puzzles!

Our installations include the reception area of a township building, a bank, showrooms, conference centers, and a banquet hall. We can celebrate your business, your hometown, people you would like to honor, your local attractions, or anything else.

Murrie and Chaya would be happy to hear from you.

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